Extra virgin olive Luxus 

Biancolilla and Nocellara of Belice Area of productionSambuca di Sicilia (Agrigento), hilly, facing south-east.Elevation 350 to 500 m above sea level Average age of the plants 50 Years Cultivation Method Traditional Collection Period Manual, first week of November Acidity 0,20 peroxides4.60 Tasting notes Virgin olive oil with fruity olive green and pleasant sensations of fresh grass and ripe tomato, artichoke and almond. Oil elegant, balanced and harmonious.


The oil of Biancolilla may have organoleptic characteristics are very different because of the considerable genetic variability, so they produce oils with very heterogeneous. The intensity of the fruit can vary from light to medium, with olfactory-gustatory sensations sometimes like oil Nocellara of Belice, especially if coming from higher altitudes and when the fruit is immature. 
It is characterized by the olfactory Almond, sometimes accompanied by a tomato or artichoke, the sensations of sweet, spicy and bitter, light intensity, are well harmonized. Nocellara of Belice The Belice Nocella is a cultivar that has contributed most to raise awareness of quality oils out of the Sicily. Among The beginning and the semi-veraison, produces vivid oils and smelling nice, especially if they come from his area of origin, where it produces the typical notes of artichoke and sometimes green tomato, almond green and leafy. From unripe fruits can be obtained olfactory notes of thistle or tomato leaf. Compared to the reference profile has a fruity olive oil and more intense, as l'amaro and spicy.The cake is absent.